Forensic Engineering Investigation, Consulting Australia-wide

Forensic Engineering InvestigationForensic engineering is primarily concerned with the link between engineering at law, whether civil or criminal.

The purpose of a forensic engineers investigation throughout Australia will usually be to discover the cause of failure in a particular material, component, product or structure, and determine whether this failure was accidental or intentional.

Whilst accidental failures may be the result of a natural cause, such as corrosion or fatigue, they may also include car, rail and aviation accidents.

Our forensic engineer team employ Root Cause Analysis techniques, similar to those of TapRoot or ICAM, to systematically examine the events leading up to an incident and identify the root cause and contributing factors.

Why is it so important?

forensic engineerForensic engineer disasters, such as the collapse of a commercial bridge, will often be subject to such of a forensic engineering investigation.

However intentional failures could prove criminal intent, and will often result in court proceedings.

The forensic engineers will conduct an investigation involving various inspections of the faulty structure or item, the collection of evidence and data, and performing various experiments.

The forensic engineer’s report at the end of the investigation will often include information on the problem and its cause, documental evidence (photographs, engineering drawings, testing records, quality control records, etc), potential solutions and suggestions for improvement, and evidence to support the entire report. It may be necessary for the engineer to present any findings in court, particularly in matters of litigation.

Why FIELD Engineers?

Forensic Engineering AustraliaFinding the right forensic engineering in Australia can be challenging, but engaging the wrong one can be catastrophic. You need a consultant who has relevant forensic experience, industry knowledge, and, of course, familiarity with the role of the expert witness within the various legal forums.

FIELD Engineers has the background and knowledge to help you or your client find the answers to the myriad questions encountered in litigation, criminal defence, and industrial process problems through our forensic engineering consulting.

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