Forensic Engineering & Crane Accident Investigation Services

Working out exactly what went wrong after a crane accident or failure is not always straightforward. We investigate the origins and scope of damage resulting from weather events and construction defects.

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Forensic Engineering & Crane Incident Investigations Australia-wide

Forensic engineering is a specialist discipline that links engineering and law, whether civil or criminal. The forensic engineers at FIELD are trained in expert witness reporting.

FIELD has recognised experts in equipment and structural failures, vehicular incidents, and cost dispute resolution. We have conducted technical investigations, analysed evidence, and assessed and identified cause of failures and accidents for a diverse portfolio of clients including lawyers, insurers, miners, operators and government agencies. We are often engaged to work within a client’s investigation team as technical experts supporting an ICAM or TapRooT framework.

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Our Methodology & Experience

All forensic engineering investigations are unique and require the thorough approach of an experienced investigator to set an appropriate scope. Investigations generally require site inspection and laser scanning (where possible), document and records review, research, modelling and testing, analysis, development of opinion, and final reporting.

In our suite of forensic engineering experience, we have conducted investigations into crane and high-risk plant related accidents (including fatalities), large-scale equipment failure, vehicular accidents, work site construction practices, and transport equipment failure.

FIELD is also uniquely placed to inspect, assess and conduct forensic investigations for theme parks and amusement rides.