Forensic Engineering & Crane Accident Investigation

It’s not always easy to see exactly what went wrong after the dust has settled….

Forensic Engineering Investigation, Consulting Australia-wide

Forensic engineering is primarily concerned with the link between engineering at law, whether civil or criminal. The forensic engineers at FIELD are members of the Forensic engineering society of Australia and trained in expert witness reporting.

We are recognised experts in equipment failure and cost dispute resolution and have conducted investigations for a diverse portfolio of clients including lawyers, insurers, mines, and government agencies. We are often engaged to work within a client’s investigation team as technical experts within ICAM or TapRooT style frameworks.

Our Methodology & Experience

There is no single procedure that can be applied all forensic engineering investigations.  We find that investigations usually require the following activities: Site inspection and laser scanning (where possible), Document and records review, Research, Modelling and Testing, Analysis, Development of Opinion and finally Reporting.

Throughout our forensic engineering history, we have conducted investigations relating to: crane related fatalities, large-scale equipment failure, rigging failure, worksite construction practices and transport equipment failure.

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