Heavy Load Weighing, High Precision Load Cells, Weight Sensors & Heavy Duty Scales Engineering Services

At FIELD Engineers, we specialise in Heavy Load Weighing Engineering. In the realm of heavy load weighing, our commitment shines through with our cutting-edge 600-tonne capacity heavy weighing system, designed to accommodate even the most substantial tasks. Moreover, our hydraulic jacking system, capable of managing an impressive 750-tonne load, not only demonstrates our dedication but also eliminates the necessity for expensive lifting equipment.

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Heavy Load Weighing Services at Field Engineers

Heavy Load Weighing Solutions Australia Wide for up to 600 and 750-Tonne Heavy Duty Loads

When it comes to heavy load weighing, FIELD Engineers has invested in a 600-tonne capacity heavy load weighing equipment that can easily be expanded for larger jobs. This system has been developed to be used as a tool to measure the mass and centre of gravity (COG) of infrastructure or large constructions including for crane lift and rigging planning.

We have also eliminated the need for costly lifting equipment with a hydraulic jacking system which can handle a 750-Tonne Heavy Duty Load. This heavy load weighing system can be utilised on almost any shaped structure and can be expanded if required for your project.

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We Measure & Weigh Heavy Loads for Structures, Cranes, Construction Projects & the Mining Industry

We are specialists in heavy-duty weighing and heavy load planning and engineering at FIELD Engineers, offering our premier services across Australia. Our expertise lies in load-weighing engineering, where we meticulously calculate the mass and centre of gravity (COG) for load weighing equipment, cell loads, structures, cranes, constructions and various projects in the mining sector.

Our capabilities are underpinned by cutting-edge technology, practical experiences and technical expertise, allowing us to employ up to 12 heavy duty scales (load cells) with an impressive combined capacity of 860 tons. Our range of weighing equipment and technology enables us to determine the weight distribution of even the heaviest loads precisely.

Whether you’re planning to raise a structure or require accurate weight assessment for any other purpose, our weighing systems and qualified engineering personnel are prepared and ready to deliver unparalleled precision and reliability in a wide-range of engineering endeavours.

Heavy duty scales for engineering

We Provide the Cutting-Edge with our 750-Tonne Hydraulic Jacking System

The heavy-duty scales engineering system that FIELD provides has been developed as a mobile modular kit making it easy to construct or deconstruct and transport to your job site/s. This flexibility has allowed FIELD to refine the setup procedure on various objects and structures for your benefit.

We pride ourselves on our extensive industry-leading engineering capabilities in conducting heavy load weighing procedures across Australia while adhering to the highest accepted Australian standards.

Our 600 and 750-tonne heavy-duty scales and equipment systems combine state-of-the-art technology with rugged durability, ensuring it can withstand the most demanding challenges and provide precise, reliable data in even the toughest conditions.

Whether dealing with steel structures, massive infrastructure projects, industrial installations, or any other heavy-load scenario, FIELD services empowers you with the accuracy, safety and confidence needed to make informed decisions and achieve outstanding results.

Our 750-tonne heavy weighing system can easily be expanded for larger jobs. Book now.

Weighing High-Risk Equipment at Field Engineers

Effective Pre-Lift Measurement with Experienced Engineers

The FIELD Engineers team understands that meticulous attention to correctness is paramount in heavy lifting, planning or engineering tasks. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of services to measure and weigh heavy loads before any lifting operation begins. Our skilled and experienced approach combines leading-edge testing and application of heavy load weighing and lift planning, ensuring you have the critical data and insights for safe and successful lifts.

We Measure and Weigh Heavy Loads for Crane Lift Planning

We are committed to reliability standards, so FIELD’s commitment to safety and accuracy means we never leave anything to chance. Before lifting high-risk equipment or infrastructure, our engineering team employs strain gauge installation on your equipment’s critical members or areas. This advanced technology allows us to scale, weigh and measure stress on your infrastructure in real-time, providing you with complete, up-to-the-minute structure information and weight data.

The unique combination of our heavy weighing and strain gauge abilities are designed to offer our clients unprecedented peace of mind, safety and efficiency. By knowing the strict stress levels on your critical equipment during the lifting process enables detailed decision making, risk mitigation, project productivity and reputable integrity of your business’ operations.

Heavy Duty Load Cells Services Australia Wide: Precision in Mass & COG Weighing

We take immense pride in offering comprehensive Heavy Duty Load Cell Services across Australia. With office locations in close to proximity to core mining projects based in the Bowen Basin and Queensland areas, we have extensive experience in mining and industrial load weighing and lift planning. With a commitment to precision and excellence, we deliver heavy load weighing solutions that extend beyond the ordinary. Our heavy load weighing services encompass a wide range of applications, including Mass and Centre of Gravity (COG) Weighing, Silo Weighing with Heavy-Duty Compression Load Cells, and Load Measurement with our 600 and 750-Tonne Capacity Heavy-Duty Compression Load Cells.

We measure & weigh heavy load mass from the centre of gravity of large structures

FIELD’s cutting-edge load cell technology, equipment and scales allows us to precisely measure various infrastructure mass’s load and centre of gravity (COG). This invaluable structure and weight data empowers you to make professional and verified decisions, ensuring the safety compliances and productivity of your infrastructure-based projects. Knowing the exact COG allows rigging and lifting to be expertly designed for safe and efficient lifts.

Heavy Duty Compression Load Cells for Silo or Infrastructure Weighing in the Agricultural, Chemical or Food industries

Silo weighing is critical in industrial operations. Our heavy-duty compression load cells are engineered to provide accurate and reliable measurements for silos of all varying sizes. Whether it’s the agricultural, chemical, or food industry, our load cells guarantee precise data for optimal material inventory management.

600 & 750-Tonne Capacity Heavy-Duty Compression Load Cells for Exact Load Measurements

Our load cells are designed to withstand the most challenging conditions and provide precise load measurements for large-scale construction, infrastructure, and industrial applications.

We aim to offer you the highest quality Heavy Duty Load Cell Services that meet and exceed industry standards. Our team of knowledgeable and practical engineers and lift experts combines state-of-the-art technology with unparalleled weighing experience to ensure that you receive reliable and actionable data for your infrastructure projects. With our engineering services, you can trust that your heavy-load operations will be conducted with the utmost care and competence.

Benefits of Heavy Load Cell Measuring Services with FIELD Engineers

Our advanced jacking and load-weighing systems incorporate state-of-the-art technology, scales and equipment into a rugged design altogether built to withstand the most demanding challenges. What sets our weighing approach apart is our unwavering focus on safety and efficiency. Our low-pressure weighing operation delivers precise scales, results and planning to ensure the highest quality solution for your projects. Furthermore, our hydraulic jacking and weighing systems offer significant cost and time savings even when additional parts are needed, making it a cost-effective choice.

Hydraulic jacking system engineering with FIELD Engineers offers several benefits:

    • Economical Crane Sizing: Precise load weighing and crane and rigging planning ensures you select the right-sized cranes, optimising cost-effectiveness and project lift without risking overload.
    • Centre of Gravity Knowledge: Accurate COG information enables proper rigging design and planning, ensuring safe and successful lifts from the start.
    • Reduced Uncertainties: Our services reduce unknown variables in engineered lifts, allowing you to work closer to crane limits when necessary, facilitating complex lifts with confidence.

We Provide the Edge…

The heavy duty scales engineering system that FIELD provides has been developed as a modular kit making it easy to transport to your job site. This flexibility has allowed FIELD to refine the procedure on various different objects and structures for your benefit.

Calibrations usually are completed previous to a weighing operation, sometimes at our primary equipment office, or can occur onsite.

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