Engineering Design & Modelling Services

We offer a wide range of design and modeling services, helping clients bring their ideas from concept to reality. Our team of experts can bring your vision to life through innovative design and precise modelling.

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laser scanning service example design at Field 

Certified, Optimised and Precise Engineering Designs

At FIELD we specialise in maintenance and upgrades to mining and industrial plants. We provide professional tertiary-qualified designers and drafters proficient in 3D modelling software, and our team has detailed knowledge of both Australian design standards, and construction and maintenance practices. We invest heavily in training our drafting team and developing practical skills in CAD modelling and our design libraries so that our clients benefit from efficiently producing superior quality designs.

Field Engineers Employee working in a computer with prototype at Field Engineers

Cost savings:

  • Superior engineering analysis allows for optimised designs, eliminating ‘over-engineering’
  • Reduction of fabrication costs is conducted by preparing unambiguous, easy-to-read fabrication drawings
  • Reduction of installation costs is obtained via detailed, logical assembly, and clear installation drawings
  • The incorporative design approach includes installation, operational and maintenance considerations in all designs.

Our drafting and design team is integrated geographically which enables work sharing with engineers and designers ensuring our clients receive, precise, well-defined and workable designs that are certified, and compliant with all relevant standards that allow fabricators contractors and onsite personnel to avoid any delays.