Crane and Rigging Engineering

We are experts in the inspection, repair and certification of cranes and are qualified and experienced in lift and rigging planning.

Inspection and Verification

At FIELD we are experts in cranes and lifting systems and are endorsed by CraneSafe and the Crane Industry Council of Australia. This means that you can trust us with your lift planning and crane inspection and certification.

Cranes and other High-Risk plant are required by legislation to undergo annual and major inspections. Our inspectors can carry this out with minimal disruption to your schedule to guarantee the compliance of your equipment.

FIELD is also uniquely placed to inspect, assess and design for theme parks and amusement rides.

Lift Planning and Certification

With years of experience, no lift is too big or too complicated for our team of engineers. A fully insured, independent, detailed lift plan provided by FIELD will ensure that you get more value from the cranes employed for the job.

From verification of crane lift plans prepared by others, to rigging plans studied and full-scale constructability and feasibility studies to determine project logistics strategies, we can help your rigging operations happen safely and efficiently.