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Conveyor Bridge Collapse, at a Goulburn NSW quarry - Forensic Engineering Services at Field Engineers

Australia-wide Forensic Engineering Investigation

Forensic engineering is primarily concerned with the link between engineering at law, whether civil or criminal. Our team employs Root Cause Analysis techniques to systematically examine the events leading up to an incident and identify the cause and contributing factors. This is done to discover the cause of failure in a particular material, component, product or structure.

Our Forensic Engineering Capabilities

Finding the right forensic engineering team in Australia can be challenging, but engaging the wrong one can be catastrophic. You need a consultant who has the relevant forensic experience, industry knowledge, and, of course, familiarity with the role of the expert witness within the various legal forums.

FIELD Engineers has the qualifications and expertise to help you or your client find the answers to the myriad questions encountered in litigation, criminal defense, and industrial process analysis. We regularly conduct investigations Australia-wide.

What We Can Do For You…

FIELD Engineers provide the answers to questions encountered in litigation, criminal defense, and industrial process problems

  • Industry Knowledge
  • Relevant Forensic Experience
  • Investigation Expertise
  • Australia-wide Service
  • Root Cause Analysis Techniques
  • Incident Cause Analysis Method (ICAM)
  • Systematic Examination
  • Examination of the events prior to an incident and its contributing factors


Engineering disasters, such as the collapse of a structure or crane, will often be subject to a forensic engineering investigation. Questions regarding fault, liability and negligence will often result in court proceedings.

The forensic engineers at FIELD Engineers are competent to lead your investigation which may require materials analysis, inspections, NDT, FEA or stress analysis.

Reporting Information

At the end of the investigation, the forensic engineer will provide you with a report which will include information on the problem and its cause, documental evidence (photographs, engineering drawings, testing records, quality control records, etc), potential solutions and suggestions for improvement, and evidence to support the entire report. It may be necessary for the engineer to present any findings in court, particularly in matters of litigation.

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