Data Collection

With our arsenal of high-tech instruments and equipment, FIELD has you covered when it comes to onsite data.

Expert Technicians

Laser Scanning: Over 50 projects’ experience in specialist laser scanning and tracking services. When performed by FIELD the scans are being carried out by the people who are going to use the information. This offers you a faster and more accurate outcome when it comes to the following data processing. We have fully-trained and qualified laser scanning technicians with expert knowledge and capability to capture and interpret critical information.

Strain Gauging: At FIELD Engineers, we have a team of qualified strain gauging technicians equipped with the expertise of collecting and interpreting strain gauge data. The strain gauging team at FIELD have honed their skills by collecting data from draglines, shiploaders, cranes and even concrete structure to provide the engineering team with real-life data for analysis. The high accuracy strain gauge data can be collected in both static and dynamic environments using our state-of-the-art hardware that operates in a non-destructive and non-invasive way.

Heavy Weighing: Since being developed by FIELD, the “Heavy Weighing Kit” has been used to find the mass and COG of several different structures and objects including a 1250 tonne shiploader and a 400t platform structure to be mounted on an industrial silo. The heavy weighing system is modular which means that it can be expanded to suit any sized structure to provide precise mass and COG data allowing for refined crane and transport plant selection.