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icam incident investigationThorough investigation into any workplace accident is necessary to help prevent recurrences and to demonstrate to authorities and others that appropriate remedial action has been or is being taken.

Cranes, literally, do the heavy lifting for Australian Industry. The past 15 years has seen great advances in crane lifting capacity, mobility and control systems. From Construction, to Mining, to Wind Power, almost every corner of heavy industry has been a enjoyed the bedefits of cranes lifting bigger, faster and more precisely.

Unfortunately when accidents happen the consequences are usually severe, in both human and financial costs.

Our knowledge of site practices along with our modelling and simulation abilities can help you discover the root cause of an incident.

Our Methodology

Taproot incident investigationOur crane accident inspectors employ Root Cause Analysis techniques in our inspections, similar to those of TaPRoot for TaPRoot incident investigation, or ICAM for ICAM incident investigation. This allows us to systematically examine the events leading up to an incident and for our investigators to identify the root cause and contributing factors.

Both the TaPRoot incident investigation and the ICAM incident investigation methodolgies work, but vary depending on the circumstance in which we’re working with.

Our Australian forensic engineering based methodologies have proven to be effective in many forensic engineering consulting issues.

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