Lift Planning & Certification

Crane Lift Planning

Take no chances, and plan out your crane lift planning in order to raise it up confidently. Every lift needs by far the most careful management, and the most complex crane lift plans require particular support, connecting highly practised engineering expertise & knowledge.

Don’t ever chance, guesswork or the hunch of an overconfident rigging engineer: these things just aren’t good enough for your next critical crane lift.

With hundreds of critical lifts planned and certified to date, our engineers are specifically trained in engineered lift planning and rigging plans engineering.

Crane Lift PlansFrom verification of crane lift plans prepared by others, to rigging plans studied and full scale constructability and feasibility studies to determine project logistics strategies, we can help your rigging operations happen safely and efficiently.

Rigging Engineer Experience

Rigging plansFIELD is represented by David Hartigan on the Standards Australia Committee ME-005 for mobile cranes and is a member of the Crane Industry Council of Australia so you can be assured of our ability to certify your lift plans. If need be, we can also plan designed lifts that may be outside the normal limits of the Australian Standards, for example:

Crane lift planning on multiple cranes where normal load allowance factors need to be exceeded
Re-rating cranes for a specific job; this may involve exceeding the cranes standard chart capacity
Load testing after repairs to test structural strength or stability of the machine