Data Collection

How do we know that theory reflects reality?  We check it ourselves…

Accurate data is critical: to set the parameters for an investigation, verify a design or test the performance of equipment under study.  As true field engineers we understand the importance and value of collecting our own data and have invested in training and state of the art technology to generate faster more accurate outcomes.  From 3D point cloud scanning to strain measurement and just about everything in between we’ve got it covered.

Our engineers and technicians are trained and equipped in:

Laser Scanning & High Precision Optical Survey

Advances in technology are revolutionising 3d laser scanning but no matter how many gadgets you use, you still need expert knowledge and know how to capture and interpret critical information.

You can always hire a surveyor with a Point Cloud Scanner and give them a brief, but at FIELD, all our lidar scanning and surveying is carried out by the people who are going to use the information. This means they get input from both seeing the real thing and the scan which means better interpretation of the scan and better quality modelling.

One of the tricks with working on large mobile plant is that survey reference needs to be made to the machine’s axis of movement and not true levels. These jobs call for old school optical survey using instruments like the Wild Heerbrugg N3 Optical level. We’ve got that covered too.

Our Gadgets & Case Studies Behind Laser Scanning

Our arsenal of high tech gadgets includes:

  • Total station theodolites
  • 3D scanners
  • High precision optical survey

Our mechanical and structural survey teams have worked on numerous projects including

  • Peak Downs CHPP for BHP Mitsubishi Alliance
  • Newlands CHPP for Xstrata
  • Moorvale CHPP for Peabody Energy
  • South Walker – BHP Mitsui Coal
  • Dragline 22 at Saraji Mine
  • Dragline 40 at Blackwater Mine
  • Dragline 1 at Newlands Mine
  • Numerous other coal handling and preparation plants, draglines and shovels

Strain Gauging Service

Strain Measurement & Strain Gauge Installations

When the stakes are high, you need proof a design will work and you need correct predictions about machine or material behaviour.   It’s crucial that engineers have accurate stress data to compare to theoretical estimates.

We use strain gauging to provide a reality check for engineers on draglines, shiploaders, cranes and hydraulic testing rigs.

This experience and understanding of material stresses in mechanical equipment means that we can provide high quality data acquisition of surface strain both in static and dynamic environments and offer practical, viable solutions for all your equipment repairs or upgrades.

We have a team of four qualified strain gauging technicians and have invested in state-of-the-art hardware and training for our team so you can be certain of our results.

Heavy Load Weighing

When it comes to heavy load weighing we’ve invested in a 600 tonne capacity weighing kit that can easily be expanded for larger jobs.   We have also eliminated the need for costly lifting equipment with our jacking kit which can handle a 750 tonne load.

Weighing loads allows for the following benefits:

  • Economical sizing of cranes, allowing you to hire in the cranes that are exactly the right size: not so big that you’re wasting money on hire; not so small that you risk overloading them.
  • Knowing where the Centre of Gravity is so that rigging can be properly designed to allow the load to lift safely first time.
  • Reducing “unknowns” in engineered lifts, allowing you to run closer to the limit if need be to make the lift happen.
  • Reducing risk of overloading supporting structures like wharves, decks and falsework.

Vibration and Acoustic Analysis

FIELD has responded to growing client demand for specialist vibration and noise measurement and reporting studies.  We maintain a modern suite of acoustic and vibration analysis equipment as part of our occupational hygiene & engineering laboratory, in addition to state-of-the art software capability of FFT frequency analysis, emissions and attenuation modelling.

Our specialist staff have post-graduate qualification and extensive practical experience with the measurement, assessment, and management of noise and vibration at both design and operational project phases.  Consequently FIELD are able to provide our clients a comprehensive service including;

  • Whole Body Vibration Assessments
  • Hand Arm Vibration Assessment
  • Blast and Ground Borne Vibration Studies (including building Vibration)
  • Plant Vibration & Condition Monitoring
  • Occupational Noise Assessments
  • Traffic Corridor Noise Surveys (MP4.4 Compliance)
  • Environmental Noise Surveys (Regulatory Compliance, Nuisance Complaint)
  • Sound Power Determinations
  • Hearing Protector Attenuation Modelling
  • Acoustic Emissions Modelling

We also provide sophisticated environmental sound measurement equipment and software to both monitor and model environmental noise impacts including environmental noise assessments (LGA/DERM license requirements) and traffic noise and noise corridor assessments (development code surveys).

Most importantly we combine our data collection and analysis with the engineering know how to develop practical solutions to vibration and acoustic problems.