Heavy Load Weighing – Heavy Duty Scales Engineering

Heavy Duty Scales Engineering

When it comes to heavy load weighing we’ve invested in a 600 tonne capacity heavy weighing system that can easily be expanded for larger jobs. We have also eliminated the need for costly lifting equipment with our hydraulic jacking system which can handle a 750 tonne load.

The benefits to heavy load weighing

  • Hydraulic Jacking System EngineeringEconomical sizing of cranes, allowing you to hire in the cranes that are exactly the right size: not so big that you’re wasting money on hire; not so small that you risk overloading them.
  • Knowing where the Centre of Gravity is so that rigging can be properly designed to allow the load to lift safely first time.
  • Reducing “unknowns” in engineered lifts, allowing you to run closer to the limit if need be to make the lift happen.
  • Reducing risk of overloading supporting structures like wharves, decks and falsework.
heavy duty scales

Willy collecting weight data for use in critical lift planning

Hydraulic Jacking System

FIELD Engineers are capable to carry out weighing procedures through Australia, as well as meeting all the accepted Australian standards. The hydraulic jacking system allows us to be able to weigh constructions as much as 750 tonne load.
Calibrations usually are completed previous to a weighing operation, sometimes at our primary equipment office, or can occur onsite. From heavy duty scales; engineering can then begin, as it gives us the ability to give quite accurate measurements of the total weight of any structure.

hydraulic jacking system

Willy Keogh collecting and processing data on-site

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