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Crane Engineers AustraliaAt FIELD we offer a wide range of crane engineering services, inspection of Cranes is one of FIELD Engineers’ signature services. We are represented by one of our directors, David Hartigan, on the Australian Standards technical sub-committee for mobile cranes so we are always up to date with the latest developments in Australian Standard, technology and international trends in this area.

Leading Crane Engineers

Crane engineering ServicesFIELD Engineers has been at the forefront of Major Crane Inspection since 2006 when the Queensland Code of Practice for Mobile Cranes was introduced. We have certified the overhaul of hundreds of cranes of all types and have dealt with almost every imaginable problem along the way. Principal Engineer David Hartigan is endorsed by the Crane Industry Council of Australia and CraneSafe for all crane types as one of the leading crane engineers.

Our inspectors are CraneSafe endorsed, and undergo regular training and development to ensure their knowledge remains current. They operate within FIELD Engineers’ ISO9001 Endorsed Quality Assurance System.

Crane engineersCrane Services

At FIELD Engineers we have a particular speciality in crane engineering services & have a wonderful team of crane engineers.

We cover off many aspects of crane engineering services, include: Crane Lift Planning, Crane Incident Investigation, Crane Inspections.

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