Incident Investigation

It’s not always easy to see exactly what went wrong after the dust has settled….

Our knowledge of site practices along with our modelling and simulation abilities can help you discover the root cause of an incident. Our experienced engineers have undergone training in root cause analysis, forensic engineering investigation and expert witness reporting so they can present findings in a professional, credible manner.

Our Past Experience

We have conducted investigations relating to:

  • Large scale equipment failure
  • Crane related fatalities
  • Rigging failure
  • Worksite construction practices
  • Transport equipment failure

When you need an extensive knowledge base we have a complete range of engineering and metallurgic skills for you to draw on. We can also assist you as experts to act as arbitrators and mediators in complex technical disputes.

Our Favoured Methodologies

When we’re talking about the methodologies we use, we generally look at two: TapRooT & ICAM incident investigation.

Whilst there are many methodologies out there, we’ve found these two systematic processes to be a proven & effective methodology for our incident investigation.

Our Australian forensic engineering based methodologies have proven to be effective in many forensic engineering consulting issues.