Company Profile

FIELD Engineers was established in 2005 and is the brainchild of directors Dave Hartigan and Jon Halliday who saw an opportunity in the market to capitalise on their extensive experience managing shut downs for Bowen Basin coal mines.  Matt Doidge joined them in early 2006.  Their unique combination of long term, practical experience on site and traditional engineering expertise led them to establish an engineering firm that can handle a diverse range of projects from traditional mechanical, civil and structural design and engineering through to on site infrastructure and maintenance projects.

The directors are all hands on in the business but have actively recruited the best in the industry so they now have a team of 40 qualified and experienced professionals with all their senior engineers having over 15 years industry experience.  Dave Hartigan is the company’s General Manager and cranes and rigging expert, Jon Halliday is an industry expert on dragline shutdowns, Matt Doidge manages the design and drafting division MID, Slawek Drabot heads up the consulting engineering division and his experience in product development and supply chain management is invaluable when it comes to problem solving.  Matthew Posthumous joined FIELD in 2012 and has responsibility for Civil and Structural engineering.  He has over 25 years of experience in design and construction in both Africa and Australia.


FIELD Engineers are totally focused on providing clients with high quality outcomes and have steadily built in-house expertise so they can offer the full suite of engineering disciplines.  In 2011 FIELD Engineers acquired the highly respected drafting and design firm Mackay Industrial Design and added five talented and dedicated design and drafting professionals to the team who can work across all FIELD Projects.

FIELD Engineers opened a Brisbane office in 2013 and now have four engineers based in Brisbane.

A key goal of FIELD Engineers has always been to create a stimulating and professionally rewarding work environment.  The whole staff work as a team advising, supporting and testing designs and theories to ensure every project is delivered to budget, schedule and to spec’.