Mechanical Engineering

At FIELD we have the required knowledge and qualification

When performance and output are vital and downtime is critical, you can’t afford to take chances on anything but the best.  At FIELD, mechanical engineering is our strongest suit. Our senior engineers hold Chartered status with Engineers Australia and are registered with the Board of Engineers Queensland.

We are best known for our maintenance solutions particularly in mining and processing equipment like draglines, rope shovels and processing plants.

We are equipped with state-of-the-art systems for the heavy-duty modelling and analysis of mechanical projects, and more importantly, we know how to use it.

Cost saving via:

  • Practical, reliability focused ‘field’ engineers who can maximise plant uptime.
  • State of the art software systems for dynamic modelling, fatigue and vibration analysis, delivering more efficient designs that cost less to implement.
  • In-house strain gauging capability to measure material stress in machinery components, reducing the need to allow for ‘unknowns’ in designs.

In-house mechanical survey capability (3D laser scanning, high-precision optical instruments) to accurately measure existing plant. Correct alignment improves reliability.

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