Civil Engineering

Civil engineering Gladstone


The oldest of the engineering disciplines, civil engineering is an integral service within FIELD Engineers. Our civil engineering team has a strong track record in the design, construction and maintenance of mining facilities, port terminals, roadworks and civil construction projects including haul roads, bridges, and culverts.

Recent projects have included: roads and drainage, storm water management, concrete workshop & hardstand design, earthworks and remediation projects.

We use the latest civil engineering design software including AutoCAD Civil designer, 12D, PC Drain and Hec-Ras plus external and in-house programs we’ve developed for specific projects. When it comes to Civil engineering, we love a challenge, so talk to us about your next project

Cost savings:

  • With experience in remediation and repair of concrete structures, we understand that this allows for extension of life and deferring of capital spending on plant and equipment
  • High-end civil engineering and drainage analysis capability (12D) allows for accurate design of underground services, eliminating over-engineering of permanent infrastructure
  • We understand site demands for construction support and falsework, and eliminating over-engineering based on permanent installation assumptions while still managing risk
  • Our in-house ground testing equipment (DCP and plate test) allows for quick response in temporary installations for shutdowns and construction support.